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Written by Duane Verh
March 11, 2017 - 12:00am EST
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Drawing from all across the roots music spectrum, Lee Palmer crafts lyrically potent, emotionally moving songs, each one as distinctive as the last.  Aided by well-suited arrangements and top-notch studio play, the Toronto-based singer/songwriter/guitarist serves up a set stocked with fare as ready for further covering as well as airplay of their own.  A tribute to Glen Campbell, “That’s No Way To Go” is both heartwarming and bone chilling.  A solid, blues-rock nod to J.J. Cale, “Tulsa Sound”, makes for an ideal follow-up.  The steamy, jazz-tinged “Did It Feel Like This”, the classic-styled country “story song”- “My Old Man”- and the uptown blues “Back To Lonely” are well worth the time also.