Album Review of
The Fifth Row

Written by Robert Silverstein
May 14, 2019 - 11:25pm EDT
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New Hampshire based Parma Recordings have several sub labels under their auspices and their Ravello imprint has a 2018 CD of the Stuart Weber album The Fifth Row. First released in 2009, Stuart's self-released album was lost in the shuffle of that turbulent year, yet it has been rereleased several years later as Stuart prepares for his next album, also on Parma. The Montana based Weber is one of the great American classical guitarists of the 21st century and The Fifth Row shows his talents off perfectly. Spotlighting originals and classics by Telemann, Dvorak, Sylvius Leopold Weiss and even Randy Newman, The Fifth Row was recorded after hours at some of the most wonderful looking art-deco theaters in the American Pacific Northwest. As such, the eleven cut album is a must for classical guitar mavens.