Details of
Chasing Shadows
by The Bluesbones

Producer: Tim Janssens
Engineer: Edwin Risbourg
Recorder At: Save the Music Studio
Mastered By: Tim Janssens

About the Album

There were a few stages in the conception of this album.

End of 2016 a few days in The Villa resulted in 5 songs that touched all bounderies

of the blues spectrum, and had influences of different musical alloy.

The way of writing music was a mixture of skill and feeling. A search for new

sounds without compromising identity and personality.

What followed was a process in which writing sessions in trio, individual composition

and group rehearsals slowly paved the way to a coherent entity.

The content of the songs had a red wire that connected the versatile sounding

musical content, and the concept was undeniable: Redemption through suffering

and healing by insight.

The variegation in music - which was always one of the band’s strong

qualities – translated to diversity in life’s events and opportunities aswell as

the consequences of choice and faith.

The songs show a matured band that explores a lot of blues related genres

without sacraficing identity and signature sound, but reaching out to a broad

and diverse audience.