The Roots Music Report's
Top 50 Acoustic Blues Song Chart
for the Week of Feb 20, 2021

TW LW Song Title Band/Artist Name
-11ConfirmationChris Smither
-22Blacktop RunSonny Landreth
36Let Me in Your HouseBobby Rush
43Step It Up and GoAndy Cohen
519Blues at MidnightCatfish Keith
65Down in MississippiBobby Rush
74Hard TimesBobby Rush
87Hollow Tree GapSteve Dawson
98Little HarpethSteve Dawson
1024Puffin' That StuffAndy Cohen
1142Tupelo HoneyLoose Change
1211BugscuffleSteve Dawson
1312The LightJoe Kopicki
1413Night BeforeBroke Fuse
1514Hale Road RevelationSteve Dawson
1615Lonesome AceSteve Dawson
1716Phineas PoundwellGreg Koch
1817St. Charles ShuffleGreg Koch
*NEW*19-Sick and TiredLoose Change
20-The Wilds of WonderSonny Landreth
2110Walking Through the ParkLoose Change
2238One Step at a TimeGrant Dermody
2332My DonyGrant Dermody
2439It Hurts to Be in LoveGrant Dermody
2540Real Time ManGrant Dermody
2641I Can't Turn Back TimeGrant Dermody
2733Springtime BluesGrant Dermody
2834Too Late to Change Your MindGrant Dermody
2922Pea Vine BluesAndy Cohen
3027Riley and SpencerAndy Cohen
3128Bad Dream BluesAndy Cohen
3229One Monkey Don't Stop the ShowAndy Cohen
3325Talkin' CaseyAndy Cohen
3430Reverend Gary RagAndy Cohen
3531Bob Dylan's DreamAndy Cohen
3626Death Don't Have No MercyAndy Cohen
3723Earwig StompAndy Cohen
3835Time to GoAndy Cohen
3936West Coast BluesAndy Cohen
4037GravityLoose Change
41-Jamie RaeCary Morin
*NEW*42-TrustCary Morin
43-Honey Bee, Sail onBobby Rush
44-Nobody Gotta KnowCary Morin
45-Back on the TrainCary Morin
46-Beyond BordersSonny Landreth
47-Many WorldsSonny Landreth
48-Something GrandSonny Landreth
49-Black DressMark Telesca

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