The Roots Music Report's
Top 50 Acoustic Blues Song Chart
for the Week of Jul 17, 2021

TW LW Song Title Band/Artist Name
126Can't Wait to See My BabyDonna Herula
25Blacktop RunSonny Landreth
332LostKelly's Lot
49NatureKelly's Lot
53Spoonful (It's Alright, It's Alright)Guy Davis
68EvilEG Kight
710Bring It with You when You ComeKat Danser
814Come on in My KitchenEG Kight
929The Soul of a ManDonna Herula
1024Black IceDonna Herula
1121Somebody in My HomeKelly's Lot
127ConfirmationChris Smither
13-Welcome to My WorldGuy Davis
14-GravityLoose Change
15-Folsom Prison BluesLoose Change
161Pass the Biscuits (feat. Doug Hammer)Donna Herula
1713StrongerKelly's Lot
18-Trouble (feat. Harpdog Brown)Sunday wilde
1945Song for HoneyboyChris Gill
2051Who's Been Cookin' in My KitchenDonna Herula
2125That FoolKelly's Lot
22-Get Right, ChurchKat Danser
2311Bang at the DoorDonna Herula
2419BurnedEG Kight
2520HeavenKelly's Lot
2631Jealous Hearted BluesKelly's Lot
2733ShipKelly's Lot
286Stones in My PasswayKelly's Lot
2922Where and whenKelly's Lot
3035Hear the RainBroke Fuse
3127Promise MeDonna Herula
3246Not Lookin' BackDonna Herula
3348Fixin' to DieDonna Herula
3418Got to Get You off My Mind (feat. Elena Kato & Hiroshi Eguchi)Rob Stone
35-Dust My BroomBobby Rush
364I Thought I Heard the Devil Call My NameGuy Davis
-3737Frenchman Street ShakeKat Danser
-3838Lonely and the DragonKat Danser
-3939Way I Like It DoneKat Danser
4015One Eye ClosedKat Danser
41-End of DaysKat Danser
42-Walking Through the ParkLoose Change
43-TrainwreckKat Danser
44-Sick and TiredLoose Change
45-Cold Stone HeartGravely James
46-All AloneSunday wilde
4723Will Never StopSunday wilde
48-Home to MommaSunday wilde
49-Sister I UnderstandSunday wilde
50-Peace for EveryoneSunday wilde

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