The Roots Music Report's
Top 50 Bluegrass Song Chart
for the Week of Apr 20, 2019

TW LW Song Title Band/Artist Name Sub Genre
12Like ReflectionsGreensky BluegrassContemporary Bluegrass
21Let Me KnowThe Infamous StringdustersContemporary Bluegrass
-33Get Me GoneBalsam RangeTraditional Bluegrass
420If I Needed SomeoneBalsam RangeTraditional Bluegrass
54I Say Let's Go (Colorado)Unspoken TraditionContemporary Bluegrass
65Diggin' My PotatoesTim O'BrienBluegrass
-77Rise SunThe Infamous StringdustersContemporary Bluegrass
89Feelin' Bad BluesRy CooderContemporary Bluegrass
98In Hell I'll Be in Good CompanyThe Dead SouthProgressive Bluegrass
1032Glimpse of the KingdomChris Jones & the Night DriversBluegrass
116True GrassLorraine Jordan & Carolina RoadTraditional Bluegrass
1210Wreck of My HeartThe Lonesome River BandContemporary Bluegrass
1311Long Hard RoadNewTownContemporary Bluegrass
1412No Smoky MountainsSister SadieContemporary Bluegrass
1513Barbed Wire and RosesTurning GroundTraditional Bluegrass
1614Heaven (feat. Cia Cherryholmes)Chad DarouTraditional Bluegrass
1715Dance, Dance, DanceAppalachian Road ShowTraditional Bluegrass
1816Their Hands Made the MusicThe Mountain Home FamilyContemporary Bluegrass
1917I've Heard This TuneGregg WeltyTraditional Bluegrass
2018Something About a Train SoundIrene KelleyContemporary Bluegrass
2119KidsThe HillbendersContemporary Bluegrass
2221Heartbreak Hall of FameThe GrascalsContemporary Bluegrass
2322The Hard Way Every TimeDale Ann BradleyContemporary Bluegrass
2423Looking for the BridgeChris Jones & the Night DriversContemporary Bluegrass
2524Dive (feat. Ricky Skaggs)Steve Curtis ChapmanTraditional Bluegrass
2625Too Hard to Say I'm SorryChris Jones & the Night DriversBluegrass
2726If That Was LoveChris Jones & the Night DriversBluegrass
2827The Man on the Side of the RoadChris Jones & the Night DriversBluegrass
2928Missouri MoonRhonda VincentContemporary Bluegrass
3029By Now I Would Be DeadJunior SiskTraditional Bluegrass
3130Follow the LeaderHigh FidelityContemporary Bluegrass
3231My Honey LouKathy Kallick BandContemporary Bluegrass
-3333Louisville RamblerBlue Moon RisingTraditional Bluegrass
-3434Bluegrass RadioIrene KelleyContemporary Bluegrass
-3535Your Remarkable ReturnChris Jones & the Night DriversBluegrass
3643PlanetsThe Infamous StringdustersContemporary Bluegrass
*NEW*37-Bluebird Blackbird (feat. Avril Smith)Della MaeContemporary Bluegrass
38-Mississippi Heavy Water BluesThe Slocan RamblersTraditional Bluegrass
39-Go AwayThe HillbendersContemporary Bluegrass

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