Details of
A Thousand Wishes
by Backline

Producer: Jonathan Campbell
Engineer: Jonathan Campbell
Recorder At: The Tone Room
Mastered By: Jonathan Campbell

About the Album

It has been said, "Music is what feelings sound like." We all have wishes. Things we wish we could change. Moments we wish we could experience again. People we wish we could see one more time, and thousands more. These are all emotional threads that are stitched together into this tapestry we call life. It is our wish that this album will allow the listener to identify with the emotions of life's journey through song.

Special Thanks

First and foremost, we would like to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the opportunity to do what we love. Thank you to our family and fans for your continual love and support. We also want to thank our label Poor Mountain Records along with Jonathan Buckner, Jonathan Campbell and Tyler Robertson for making this project possible.