Details of
Long Road
by Diana Rein

Producer: Diana Rein
Engineer: Diana Rein
Mastered By: Peter Duff at The Grey Brick Recording Studio

About the Album

The title track "Long Road" eases you into the album with an admission that life tried to steal her dream but "It's been a long road and now I'm coming home, time forgives, lets me in, starting over." With vocals and guitar solos intertwining in a call and response fashion, the melody keeps you floating on a sea of sound.

Next comes "Wild One" where you are punched in the gut with a bone rattling bass line and lead guitar riff. This song sets the stage for what you are in for with this album: Never ending wild guitar solos and lyrical content with some big attitude from a little lady: "I love to play blues till dawn, My main man is Stevie Ray Vaughan", which also allows Diana to give an ode to her biggest inspiration. You are in for a ride.

"Livin' Loud" gives you a swampy swagger and drives home the point that loud is the way it's going to be. With a psychdelic guitar solo that screams Hendrix from the 60's. Next, "Greenlight", is a response to the Doyle Bramhall Jr. song Greenlight Girl. With driving drums that just won't let up and guitars that sound like a train that is steadily making its way into the stratosphere: "I'm gonna take you home tonight, It's us and the spirits of the night, baby I won't put up a fight, I want you now."

The song "Rebel With A Cause" was inspired by a James Dean photo "Hollow eyes and hardened smile, come and talk to me awhile". With crunchy rhythm guitars and seductive vocals that lead into a rhythmic guitar solo that is sure to get under your skin. "The Real Thing" provides a funk/rock groove proclaiming that "if all you want's a fantasy, babe you're barking up the wrong tree." Bringing with it a lyrical sass and a melodic solo that will you have you humming along.

"Done Me Dirty" doesn't spare anyone. With a lyrical grit and message of revenge not for the weary. The lead guitar oozes with a twang that means business and the vocals aren't far behind. With the song "Don't Walk Away" we hear an admission of betrayal.....nobody is perfect and being honest is the only way towards growth "I know it's hard to look at me, but if you did what would you see? That I'm damaged or unworthy of love anymore, or would you hold me tight and not keep score?"

"Come Back Home" may sound like it's about a love gone wrong, but rather it's about coming back home to your strength and inner guidance when things in life try to derail you. There is an authority in the guitar licks and vocals with a solo that is reminiscent of Duane Allman.

The melancholy mood of "Wicked" leaves no stones unturned with the dark side of the psyche. Where the dark can be allowed to come through and make its presence known in order to be better understood. The vocals on this song pierce the soul and the lead guitar just spills over with sadness and regret.

Second to last on the album is Down, Down, starts off with a porch blues guitar solo coupled with haunting vocals that eventually breaks into a head rockin' drum and guitar vigorous beat which sends the message "If you drag me in the fire I'll kick never cower, just try to keep my down, I'll rise like a flower". The guitar solos have an anthemic quality which lends this song to being the climax of the album.

Lastly, it all comes to a close with the bittersweet guitar instrumental "Peace" which was written after the death of Diana's beautiful dog Zoe. The melody in this song will embed itself into your soul and stir up heartfelt memories that just won't stay buried.

The "Long Road" album was written, recorded and produced by Diana Rein. It includes 12 original songs of which Diana sings and plays lead guitar, rhythm guitar and bass guitar on all tracks. Mixed and Mastered by Peter Duff at The Grey Brick Studios in San Diego.