Details of
Know My Name
by Marty Manous

Producer: Sketch Ellis and Marty Manous
Engineer: Sketch Ellis
Recorder At: Tone City Studios
Mastered By: Frank Favetta

About the Album

Marty Manous will be releasing his second album, “Know My Name,” on October 28, 2016 on the Lucky Street Music label. The album release show will be at Mad Life Stage and Studios in Woodstock, Georgia on October 21, 2016. A winter/spring tour to promote the album will follow.

“Marty Manous is one to watch for on the scene. One of the next ‘young lions’ hungry to make his mark on the guitar world.” – Chris Duarte

On this album, Marty is establishing himself as a rising star and triple threat- virtuoso guitarist, songwriter extraordinaire, and soulful vocalist- to present his fans with new indie-rock material infused with Blues, Pop, and guitar hero stylizations unlike anything he’s produced yet. Not all songwriters are great musicians, and not all musicians are great songwriters, but with “Know My Name,” Marty Manous brilliantly shows his audience that he is both.

“This album is fun and upbeat- I want to give my fans something they can sing along with and rock out to.” – Marty Manous

A-list drummer Sean O’Rourke (Sugarland, Derek Trucks, Aquarium Rescue Unit) and incredible bass guitarist Mark Wilson come together with Marty to create tracks that are unforgettable. Joe Morgan adds to the mix with organ and keys. Sketch Ellis (Machine Head, Big & Rich) returns as producer and sound engineer.