Si Kahn and the Looping Brothers

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It's a Dog Life

Label: Strictly Country

Genres: Folk

Styles: Alternative Folk

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Government on Horseback Alternative Folk Folk
2 Gulf of Mexico Alternative Folk Folk
3 It's a Dog's Life Alternative Folk Folk
4 Old Country Store Alternative Folk Folk
5 Rats in a Maze Alternative Folk Folk
6 Hitchhiking on Life's Highway Alternative Folk Folk
7 Free Alternative Folk Folk
8 44 Years Alternative Folk Folk
9 Going, Going, Gone Alternative Folk Folk
10 Baltimore Blues Alternative Folk Folk
11 Hudson River New York Upstate Waltz Alternative Folk Folk
12 One Dollar Alternative Folk Folk
13 Hard Times Alternative Folk Folk

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Aragon Mill: the Bluegrass Sessions

Label: Joe Hill

Genres: Folk, Bluegrass, Country

Styles: Alternative Folk, Bluegrass, Contemporary Bluegrass, Traditional Bluegrass, Americana Country, Folk, Contemporary Folk

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Five Days a Week Bluegrass Bluegrass
2 Aragon Mill Contemporary Bluegrass Bluegrass
3 Wild Rose of the Mountain Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
4 Goodby Monday Blues Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
5 Rock Me, Roll Me Americana Country Country
6 Sunday Evening Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
7 Sailing to Alaska Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
8 Hilda Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
9 Brookside Strike Folk Folk
10 Tarpaper Shacks Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
11 When the Morning Breaks Folk Folk
12 Blue Ridge Mountain Refugee Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
13 To Hear Doc Watson Play Bluegrass Bluegrass
14 Gone, Gonna Rise Again Contemporary Folk Folk
15 What Will I Leave Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
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Album: It's A Dog Life
Label: Strictly Country
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Posted By: Joe Ross
Jul 14, 2019