Erik Applegate
United States

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Two's Company

Label: Artist Alliance

Genres: Unknown, Jazz

Styles: Unknown, Jazz

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Leave Me Be (feat. Dana Landry) Jazz Jazz
2 Get Outta My Head (feat. Steve Kovalcheck) Jazz Jazz
3 The Key Still Fits (feat. Kenyon Brenner) Jazz Jazz
4 Maybe Something (feat. Tom Amend) Jazz Jazz
5 Hansel's Regrettal (feat. Paul McKee) Jazz Jazz
6 Raising Arizona (feat. Dana Landry) Jazz Jazz
7 Lucid Dreaming (feat. Kenyon Brenner) Jazz Jazz
8 Standing Room Only (feat. Steve Kovalcheck) Jazz Jazz
9 Eighty, for Us (feat. Tom Amend) Jazz Jazz
10 It's Not Me, It's You (feat. Paul McKee) Jazz Jazz