Chad Darou
Susquehanna - Pennsylvania - United States


Chad Darou:


Chad started playing music at the ripe old age of 8...

By age 12 he had established enough of a reputation to get  asked to perform at the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, TN. and then at  the Grand Ole Opry with Charlie Collins and Brother Oswald. It wasn't  too long after that his family moved from Florida to Upstate New York  where he played with "Wheeler Creek" a band that made the 1000 Islands  region believe in and love bluegrass music. While playing with them,  Chad got noticed by banjo innovator Bill Keith, who asked him to tour  with him for the next year. After coming of the road with Keith, Chad  took a small hiatus from the music scene focusing on his education. In  1998, he toured Holland, Germany and Belgium with Stan Tyminski (Dan's  brother)and Rustic Blue. This was the springboard that set him back on  the trail to being a full time musician.  

In the years since he has worked as a side man playing  dobro, banjo, mandolin or guitar with artists James King and Dave  Adkins. In his collective 39 years of playing music Chad has appeared on  stage with artists The Lonesome River Band, Del Reeves, Boxcar Willie,  The Gibson Brothers, Bill Harrell, and Frank Solivan & Dirty  Kitchen. 

Quotes and Praises

Claire Lynch: Grammy-award winning artist, IBMA "Female Vocalist of the Year:                                                                                                        "Chad  Darou joins the ranks of those who have made exceptional Bluegrass  recordings. Although many great voices lead the pack of these classic  songs, it is Chad's playing and arrangements which provide the heart and  soul of the project and strings them all together."                                                                                           

Randy Kohrs, Grammy winning Producer and Engineer:                               "Title cut, "Raising the Bar" is what I call “Swing with Sting!”

Becky Buller. 2016 IBMA "Vocalist & Fiddler of the Year"                                 "Chad is putting together a strong project here. I have heard a few tracks and I can tell you this is a magical album. I think you’re gonna like it.”

Phil Leadbetter 2005 and 2014 IBMA “Dobro Player of the Year”and Member, Atlanta Country Music Hall:                                                            “This is really good  stuff.                                                                                                 Chad is killin’ it on all these great tracks.                                                                        Two thumbs up!” 

Jaqueline Kame, The Huffington Post                                                            “The  arrangements and use of vocals on this project are uncommonly good. When you consider Chad’s lengthy performing career, a wide spectrum of different and varied genres emerges.....but it is his mastery of the Dobro that has brought him the recognition he deserves. And that,fellow listeners, is what you will hear.”

Jaqueline Kame                                                                                                       Huffington Post


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Raising the Bar


Chad Darou

Executive Producer 

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Randy Kohrs Slack Key Studio

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Raising the Bar


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Raising the Bar

Label: Bell Buckle

Genres: Bluegrass

Styles: Traditional Bluegrass, Bluegrass

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Raising the Bar Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
2 Heaven (feat. Cia Cherryholmes) Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
3 Tennessee Blues (feat. Donna Phillips Schacher, Alecia Nugent & Valerie Smith) Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
4 The Road Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
5 High, Dry and Lonesome (feat. Rick Faris & Greg Cahill) Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
6 Paddy on the Turnpike (feat. Greg Cahill, Jim Van Cleve & Ryan Paisley) Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
7 On My Way Home (feat. Rick Faris) Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
8 Few Old Memories (feat. Dave Adkins) Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
9 What I Like About You (feat. Erin Fulton) Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
10 Kristin's Tune Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
11 Peace of Mind (feat. Rick Faris) Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass
12 Comfortably Numb (feat. Anthony Ubriaco) Traditional Bluegrass Bluegrass