Dongen - Netherlands

Detonics...a shot of West Coast Blues!


When “Detonics” plays, people start moving their feet. 

Get ready for very energetic West Coast blues, played by 5 guys with looks to kill. 

Not only do they sound like the fifties, they also dress up fifties style.

Inspired by the early West Coast blues,” Detonics” mainly plays Swing & Boogie. 

But don’t be surprised when you hear them play a Rumba or a slow blues, all of course in West Coast style. Creative, explosive music, without adding too much to the traditional sound.

The band has headlined on major international festivals and clubs, including Ribs & Blues, 

Culemborg Blues, Breda Jazz and Moulin Blues (The Netherlands), Santa Maria Blues festival (Azores), Swing Wespelaar (Belgium), Zyfflich Blues festival (Germany) 

and BB King’s club in Memphis (USA).

“Detonics” is praised for their creative songs and powerful performance by expert juries. 

In 2016 the guys won the Dutch Blues Challenge and represented The Netherlands at the European Blues Challenge. 

In 2017 they even reached the semi-finales of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. 

One of the jury members commented: “The moment they started to play I got a smile on my face that didn’t get off anymore”.

Expect impressive solos and sexy looks... ”Detonics” are ready to rock!

Kars van Nus : Lead vocals and blues harp

Jeremy Aussems : Guitar

Raimond de Nijs : Piano and Hammond

Mathijs Roks : Drums

René Leijtens : Upright bass and backing vocals

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Raise Your Bet

Label: Naked

Genres: Blues

Styles: Contemporary Blues, Blues

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Swing King Contemporary Blues Blues
2 Out of Sight Contemporary Blues Blues
3 Butter Side Up Contemporary Blues Blues
4 She is in Command Contemporary Blues Blues
5 Can't Get Enough Contemporary Blues Blues
6 Bullet Through My Heart Contemporary Blues Blues
7 My Dad Taught Me to Rock Contemporary Blues Blues
8 Route 101 Contemporary Blues Blues
9 The Rat Contemporary Blues Blues
10 Mr. Barber Contemporary Blues Blues
11 I Still Remember Contemporary Blues Blues