Aloe Blacc
Laguna Hills - California - United States

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All Love Everything

Label: BMG

Genres: R&B, Unknown

Styles: Soul, Unknown

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
My Way Soul R&B
1 Family Soul R&B
2 All Love Everything Soul R&B
3 My Way Soul R&B
4 Wherever You Go Soul R&B
5 Nothing Left but You Soul R&B
6 Glory Days Soul R&B
7 I Do Soul R&B
8 Corner Soul R&B
9 Hold on Tight Soul R&B
10 Harvard Soul R&B

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Lift Your Spirit

Label: Interscope Records

Genres: Blues, R&B, Rock

Styles: Contemporary Blues, Soul, Rock

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 The Man Soul R&B
2 Love is the Answer Soul R&B
3 Wake Me Up Acoustic Soul R&B
4 Here Today Soul R&B
5 Can You Do This Soul R&B
6 Chasing Soul R&B
7 The Hand is Quicker Soul R&B
8 Ticking Bomb Soul R&B
9 Red Velvet Seat Soul R&B
10 Owe It All Soul R&B
11 Lift Your Spirit Soul R&B
12 Eyes of a Child Soul R&B

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Good Things

Label: Stones Throw

Genres: R&B

Styles: Funk, Soul

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 I Need a Dollar Soul R&B
1 Together (RED) Funk R&B
2 Green Lights Funk R&B
3 Hey Brother Funk R&B
4 Miss Fortune Funk R&B
5 Life So Hard Funk R&B
6 Take Me Back Funk R&B
7 Femme Fatale Funk R&B
8 Loving You is Killing Me Funk R&B
9 Good Things Funk R&B
10 You Make Me Smile Funk R&B
11 If I Funk R&B
12 Mama Hold My Hand Funk R&B
13 Politician (Reprise) Funk R&B
14 Politician (Extended Version) Funk R&B
15 Green Lights (Instrumental) Funk R&B
16 Femme Fatale (Instrumental) Funk R&B
17 Miss Fortune (Instrumental) Funk R&B
18 Good Things (Instrumental) Funk R&B
19 Smile (Instrumental) Funk R&B
20 So Hard (Instrumental) Funk R&B
21 Hey Brother (Instrumental) Funk R&B
22 I Need a Dollar (Instrumental) Funk R&B
23 Take Me Back (Instrumental) Funk R&B
24 If I (Instrumental) Funk R&B
25 Politician (Instrumental) Funk R&B
26 Loving You (Instrumental) Funk R&B