Album Review of
Ghost Tattoo

Label: Self-Release

Genres: Folk, Bluegrass

Styles: Contemporary Folk, Bluegrass, Folk

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Written by Robert Silverstein
June 21, 2020 - 4:19pm EDT
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The 2020 CD release of Ghost Tattoo further establishes the acoustic Americana folk music sound of Oregon-based Kristen Grainger & True North. Throughout the 12-track, 43-minute album, there's a clear reverence for Americana, contemporary folk, and Country music traditions from a band recording in 2020. Offering her own unique blend of rural sounding folk music, on Ghost Tattoo Ms. Grainger proves herself as a fine singer-songwriter and she receives top-notch support by Dan Wetzel (guitars, vocals, mandolin), Martin Stevens (mandolin, fiddle, vocals) and Josh Adkins (acoustic bass, vocals). In addition to her own songs, Kristen & Company cover several tracks by her favorite bands as well as a remake of Peter Rowan’s classic, “Lonesome L.A. Cowboy”. Kristen’s husband and co-bandleader Dan Wetzel is featured on lead vocals on several songs, further rounding out the album. Some of Bob Dylan’s early 1960s music and the early ‘70s music of the New Riders and James Taylor draws another comparison to the sound of this album. A lot of Kristen’s songwriting is inspired by a variety of social justice issues, including Women’s rights. With Ghost Tattoo just released, Kristen Grainger & True North are eager to put their own version of Pacific Northwest Americana on the map.