Album Review of
The Wine of Youth

Written by Robert Silverstein
July 15, 2020 - 2:20pm EDT
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A truly diverse and eclectic musical artform, country-rock can, at times, be just as orchestral and majestic as progressive rock. Case in point is The Wine Of Youth, the 2020 CD by California-based singer-songwriter Zach Phillips. Front and center on the 13-track CD are Zach’s catchy, up-tempo songs, which are adorned by his smooth, heartfelt vocals as well as his multi-faceted electric and acoustic guitar work. With Zach handling all the vocals and guitars, The Wine Of Youth also spotlights well-recorded performances by Gregg Montante (bass, drums, guitars) and Bobby Cressey (keyboards) with Gloria Taylor on backing vocals. Perfectly atmospheric, yet hard-driving Americana-flavored country-rock brought into the 21st century, The Wine Of Youth is that and much more. In the spirit of country-rock legends like Bruce Hornsby, The Eagles, and New Riders Of The Purple Sage, the music of Zach Phillips is a well-honed mix of folk-based rock and electric country-rock packed with ample and often blazing electric guitars. Played loud for maximum effect, The Wine Of Youth is a timeless, yet contemporary masterpiece by the soon-to-be better known Zach Phillips.