Album Review of
From The Patio - Live At The Poor House Bistro, Vol. 1

Written by Duane Verh
August 16, 2020 - 8:38pm EDT
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While it may be some time before a carefree bar set of blues can be enjoyed, Ron Thompson left us a nice tide-over ‘til then.  The San Jose-based guitarist/vocalist, sadly departed earlier this year, here works his way through a tasty selection of blues offerings, his raw slide work and blue-collar vocals appealing throughout.  Little Walter’s “One More Chance Witj You” is a standout here, featuring an ear-catching harmonica cameo from Gary Smith.  Other tracks of note include Guitar Slim’s “Done Got Over It” and the 60’s soul supergroup Soul Clan’s “That’s How I Feel”.  Organist Jim Pugh stands out in a solid backup unit.