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Written by Robert Silverstein
January 21, 2021 - 4:46pm EST
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Seattle-based surf-rockers, The Evanstones are making waves in the instro-rock world with 1961. The 13-cut CD takes the listener back to a kinder and gentler time in music history—namely that fabled 1961 era when anything and everything was possible in music. That time when The Ventures and The Shadows were in their ascent to greatness still remains a favorite period and today’s guitar bands are still in love with it. All the tracks on 1961 are originals save for an Evanstones cover of Elmer Bernstein’s title track for The Magnificent Seven movie of the same name, also released in late 1960. Evanstones guitarists Quisp Evans and Melkor Evans have a great chemistry and they get solid backing from the rhythm section of Undercover Evans (bass) and TexMex Evans (drums). Following the Evanstones’ 2017 album Music From The Last Band On Earth, the 2020 release of 1961 puts the Evanstones back on a trajectory for further sonic greatness.