Album Review of
Wild Is the Wind

Written by Robert Silverstein
February 18, 2021 - 12:00am EST
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A chance 1997 meeting in her native Canada between singer-songwriter Kari Kirkland and David Bowie was significant and true to life, Kari admits being greatly influenced by Bowie’s 1975 cover of the 1957 Dmitry Tiompkin song “Wild Is The Wind”, which Bowie covered on his Station To Station album. It was so influential in fact that Kari covered it and even named her 2021 album after it. For the 2021 CD release of Wild Is The Wind, Kari also features covers of well-known pop-rock classics originally by Tears For Fears and also the famous 1975 Steely Dan song “Do It Again”. Other covers of James Taylor and more gives the album a kind of jazz meets fusion meets cabaret vibe and Kari’s lush voice brings it all into focus. Speaking about Wild Is The Wind, Kari adds, In my teens, I listened to a wide array of artists: XTC, The Pretenders, Prince, The Police, Peter Gabriel, The Smiths, and The Band all stand out as influential in terms of melody, structure, and attitude. It was the iconic female song-stylists, though, that shaped me as a singer. In making Wild is the Wind, I drew from my deep admiration of Nancy Wilson, Eva Cassidy, and Julie London to bring forth a sound and a style that I hoped would do these songs justice.” The range of first class musicians bringing Wild Is The Wind to life with class and quality includes studio guitar ace Dean Parks, album co-producer - arranger / keyboardist Shelly Berg, the horn section of Roy Hargrove (trumpet) and John Daversa (trumpet), Gregg Field (drums) and more. Wild Is The Wind has a pleasing sonic sheen and will bring Ms. Kirkland lots of new listeners.