Album Review of
Starting From Zero

Written by Robert Silverstein
March 31, 2021 - 12:54am EDT
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There’s a whole lotta sonic diversity in play on the most recent album by New Jersey based guitarist / composer Shawn Christie. Featuring 12 original instrumentals, Starting From Zero combines hard rock with jazzy fusion and the result is a very pleasurable listening experience. Backed up by Timothy Esterly (bass) and Josh Orlando (drums), Starting From Zero also features contributions solos from jazz-rock guitar icons Allen Hinds and Brett Garsed. Like those guitarists, Shawn skillfully combines hard-hitting electric guitar riffing with a skillful approach to modern day instrumental fusion sounds. The tracks move swiftly from one to the next yet the one constant is Shawn’s unerring guitar soloing and tight ensemble leadership. There’s hardly a dull moment on the scintillating hard rock instro grooves of Starting From Zero.