Album Review of
Water Finds A Way

Written by Robert Silverstein
March 31, 2021 - 5:14pm EDT
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Filled with ripe, lush melodic arrangements for electric guitar, cello and piano, Water Finds A Way is a splendid introduction to the music of Estonian composer Robert Jürjendal. Music fans may recall Robert’s work with Oregon-based guitarist Jon Durant on their excellent 2020 duo album Across The Evening, and nonetheless minus Jon Durant, the 14-track Water Finds A Way is a perfect showcase for Robert’s ambient, guitar-centric soundscapes and he also adds to his sound with his work on synth, percussion and ambient field recordings. Although rooted in a fresh type of modern-era minimalist New Age type instrumentals, the songs are actually compact vignettes of musical creativity that certainly reflects the artist’s affiliation with guitar maestro Jon Durant while also recalling the atmospheric nature of some of Brian Eno’s ambient music from the late 1970s and early 1980s.  Album mastering by fellow Estonian musician, and recording artist in his own right, Indrek Patte elevates the sonic intrigue. Robert’s musical cohorts, here including his wife Signe Jürjendal (vocals), and son Anti Jürjendal (cello), along with Miguel Noya (piano), further fleshes out the sound spectrum. One of the best ambient guitar albums of 2021, Water Finds A Way is a breath of fresh musical air from Estonian guitar maestro Robert Jürjendal.