Album Review of
The Machinery of the Heavens

Written by Robert Silverstein
March 31, 2021 - 5:22pm EDT
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U.K. based guitarist and composer John Irvine continues to redesign the sonic parameters of contemporary instrumental jazz-rock fusion. In the spirit of those fusion masters that came before him, John Irvine takes guitar-centric music to the outer limits of the new fusion frontier on his 2020 album The Machinery Of The Heavens, credited to The John Irvine Band. Acclaimed for his relatively recent releases, including Next Stop (2015) and Metaphysical Attractions (2019), the 2020 release of The Machinery Of The Heavens pulls out all the stops on an album that is sure to ignite and delight the musical imaginations of fusion fans and all fans of the electric guitar. With John supplying the guitars, keyboards and bass, the drums and co-production work are covered thanks to the gifted Rich Kass, who also backed up John on Metaphysical Attractions. Discussing The Machinery Of The Heavens, John tells the press, “I think it’s my best album so far, with a bit more prog influence on some tracks. Rich Kass has also done a great job on the drums. With “the lockdown” giving me a lot of spare time, I have managed to get three albums worth of material completely finished. I’m delighted but of course it has put me at a point where I don’t have any urgency to write more, I’m so ahead of schedule now… a good place to be, I guess.” Dedicated to the late great keyboardist and fusion pioneer Lyle Mays, The Machinery Of The Heavens takes the art of instrumental jazz-rock fusion to further levels of sonic greatness.