Album Review of
Delete Event

Written by Robert Silverstein
April 17, 2021 - 4:10pm EDT
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Texas-based drummer Tim Solook is back on top with his 2020 album Delete Event. The 8-track, 50 minute CD features Tim on drums, vibes and percussion, backed up by a full band of talented musicians. Originally from New Jersey and currently based in Houston, Texas, Tim, over the past 30 years, has studied and performed with a number of music greats including Herb Ellis, Charlie Byrd, Randy Brecker, Diane Shuur and many others in addition to recording four albums with Houston-based pianist Joe LoCascio. Since 2005, Tim has also released four albums of his own original music with Delete Event, his fourth, recorded during the past Summer in Sugar Land, Texas at the height of the 2020 pandemic. The lockdown resulting from the pandemic has indeed adversely impacted so many musicians and, regarding this world-wide disaster for the arts, Tim tells RMR, “Like a lot of musicians who lost most of their work, I tried to turn a negative into a positive by writing and recording new music.” Regarding the pandemic and its toll on musicians, Tim goes into further details printed in the CD album packaging. Tim Solook’s music on Delete Event is very much up-tempo, and occasionally introspective, jazz-based instrumental in scope with a sound that is also very easy on the ears. A full horn section, with four players performing alto, soprano & tenor sax, trumpet, flugelhorn and trombone appears as do other musicians, with the acoustic / electric piano of Paul English playing some especially cool acoustic piano licks. Adding in some fine guitar sounds are Brennan Nase and Paul Chester with Andrew Lienhard contributing electric piano. Tim’s drumming, vibraphone and various percussion is unerring throughout and, all told, he keeps the musicians well in time with the music, which as stated, is all composed by Tim. The title may say “Delete Event”, but Tim Solook's new album is well worth sticking around for.