Album Review of
So Far

Written by Robert Silverstein
April 25, 2021 - 3:30pm EDT
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Singer-songwriter Deborah Henriksson puts her career into perspective with the release of a 2020 double CD anthology called So Far. Deborah’s main collaborator on So Far, Mats Nyman (synths, guitars and percussion), is a gifted multi-instrumentalist and co-composer and the net result is a meticulously crafted album merging Mat’s music with Deborah’s multi-layered English language lyrics and vocals, evoking a magical, mystical New Age pop sound that seems to float in space. American-born and based in Sweden for the past 40 years, Deborah Henriksson’s lyrics and vocals create the optimum backdrop for an exquisite Euro-flavored New Age pop experience that takes the Euro-Celtic pop vocal sound to new heights. The double CD version of So Far is well-packaged and serves as the optimum introduction to Deborah’s easy and breezy pop vocal approach and, as such, encompasses tracks from Deborah’s three recent studio albums, The Heart's Cry (2012), Traces (2014) and Near and Far (2017), as well as two singles from 2018 and 2019 - all released on her DHP Records label, while noting her album Near and Far was also released in the U.S. by Bongo Boy Records. Although originally issued on different record labels, Deborah also released a Christmas holiday music album, called Simply Christmas in 2009, as well as her debut album consisting of classical songs and folk songs called Simple Gifts in 2007. With a voice that is heaven-sent, Deborah brings together her early musical influences such as Enya, Judy Collins, Buffy Sainte-Marie and even opera singer Leontyne Price. For those interested, the double CD version of So Far also features a selection of Deborah’s cover songs from Clannad, Lorreen McKennitt and Eleanor McEvoy, while the digital download version of So Far omits the cover songs and only includes the original music composed by Deborah and Mats Nyman from her recent studio albums. With 26 tracks spread over two CDs, there’s plenty of music on hand to pick and choose from while immersing the listener in Deborah’s sonic magic. For those unfamiliar with the music of Deborah Henriksson, the lead off track on So Far “Wide Open” perfectly sets the sonic stage and is clearly one of the best songs here, while her pop classic “Breakers’ Roar” is presented in both the original album version as well as an alternate version. The video clips Deborah has on you tube, filmed in Cape Cod, Cornwall England and other exotic filming locations, mostly beside the ocean, are fascinating to view with their breathtaking scenery. Thanks to the expert musicianship of Mats Nyman and the impeccable vocals and lyrics of Deborah Henriksson, the CD sound of So Far proves to be a most inviting listening experience.