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Written by Robert Silverstein
May 16, 2021 - 12:00am EDT
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A certified survivor of the major upheavals in the music scene during the second half of 1980s, and early ‘90s, singer-songwriter Nathalie Archangel returns to the century 21 pop scene with a 2021 album and a new group that is well worth checking out. Nathalie’s new album Revel and her band, Nineteen Hand Horse features her songs, lead vocals, production and arranging with solid support and aid by 19HH co-founder Mark Montijo, who brings his vocals, guitar and songwriting to a number of tracks here. The two are joined by Mark “Lemonade” Monroe (vocals, harmonic, sax), while a host of musical luminaries adds further luster and excitement to Revel’s musical proceedings. Living up to its humorous marketing plan, complete with noir cover art for Revel, some of the tracks here do indeed fall into the modern day Country & Western genre, yet Nathalie’s music is thankfully still so unique and special so that classic C&W sound is just another musical touchstone on the prismatic sounding Revel. The best way I can describe Revel is as a cross between Bowie-inspired Glam rock and a fresh blend of modern country-rock as played in the year 2021. Speaking about being promoted as a modern day Country & Western music band, Nathalie confesses, “Our band became humble interns of the genre; playing outlaw covers in honky-tonks up and down the West Coast,” adding “Then I started to write; and it was fun, light and flowing again like when I was a kid; except now I have an awful lot more experience to draw from.” Back in the late 1980s and early ‘90s, just as the compact disc was unwinding as the main source of recorded music, Nathalie blew away the pop music world with her 1987 Columbia Records debut cassette Never Let Me Down Again, (which was never released in the US on CD) while her 1991 MCA Records debut CD Owl stunned pop fans. Now, after decades of working in the health care world, while meeting her husband and now bandmate in Nineteen Hand Horse, both Mark Montijo and Nathalie Archangel honor the promise of a new musical revelation with Revel.