Album Review of
No Remedy

Written by Joe Ross
May 19, 2021 - 3:51am EDT
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Mare Wakefield & Nomad’s music has a captivating quality in its informal setting of gentle intimacy and moving introspection. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Wakefield’s voice shines with sensitivity, as Nomad Ovunc plays piano, accordion, flute, percussion, keys/synth and also sings backing vocals.  Wakefield takes a more visceral approach to a song like “Give Myself To Love” that incorporates flavorings of Tim Galloway’s banjo and mandolin. Emotionally intense songs like “Almost Mine,” “My Home,” “Home To Me” and “Winter Rose” reflect on perspectives from her heart, soul and dreams. I particularly enjoyed her poignant songs about people who have influenced, moved or inspired her. “Her Name Was Mary” tells the story of Wakefield’s half Cherokee great grandmother, whose ancient songs and stories live on. “School Teacher” is a tribute to Wakefield’s mother, part warrior part preacher, who was also joyful, strong and caring. “Your Dad” is a touching tribute with elements of wit in her clever, brash songwriting. “Outfield” conveys a sad story as Wakefield sings, “My oldest friend how’d things ever get so bad?, Life was too much for your pure heart, and I’m trying to understand. But oh I regret it, how in the end I failed, Couldn’t save you from the outfield.”  

This album’s smart, tuneful, rewarding songs are concisely constructed. Wakefield, Ovunc and their accomplices clearly have contemporary folk, country and soft rock influences but refuse to neatly fit into any one musical niche. Thus, their structurally solid Americana is a powerful acoustic blend as they tap into a creative freedom that doesn’t seem bound by commercial constraints of more popular musical genres. An organic, enchanting album, No Remedy is a strong testament to Mare Wakefield’s lyrical soul and Nomad Ovunc’s musical heart. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)