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Written by Robert Silverstein
May 27, 2021 - 12:15am EDT
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It’s rare to find a female electric fusion guitarist that sings and writes as well. New York City based Jane Getter has it all covered and more on her 2021 album Anomalia. Featuring Jane with her band, Jane Getter Premonition, the 9-cut, 45 minute CD features a rare mix of sparkling guitar-centric, jazzy, rock fusion in the same kindred spirits as Adrian Belew-era King Crimson and more recently Jeff Beck’s recent album Loud Hailer, with singer Rosie Bones and guitarist Carmen Vanderberg. To help her maximize the music on Anomalia, Jane brings in a range of heavy hitters including drummer Chad Wackerman, and he plays on most of the tracks save three featuring Gene Lake on the skins. A who’s who of rock and jazz fusion all-stars contribute the requisite parts here and the list of musicians is most impressive to say the least. The CD booklet features all of Jane’s lyrics which serves to underscore the severe intensity of her often cutting edge messages. The CD of Anomalia is brilliantly designed - from the layout and presentation of the artwork down to the track by track list and detailed discography information. With the release of Anomalia, Jane Getter Premonition strikes a chord for the advancement of jazz-rock fusion in the roaring 2020’s.