Album Review of
Slow Motion

Written by Robert Silverstein
June 15, 2021 - 5:18pm EDT
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Described as cutting edge and atmospheric, and complete with dreamlike electronica, the music of France-based Thierry David has long been a favorite among fans of electronic-based, New Age instrumental synth and electric piano music. Several of Thierry’s albums were released on the sadly now defunct Real Music label, including his 2014 classic Hypnosis. His fans will now appreciate that Thierry returned in early 2021 with his 2020 album called Slow Motion. It may be slow motion music at its best but it’s also supremely relaxing New Age instrumental that will surely please his many fans. Like Hypnosis, the 2020 release of Slow Motion also features light percussion by Steve Shehan. In the press release Thierry described Slow Motion as music made “in this twilight period made up of fears of the unknown.” Although he grew up listening to Pink Floyd and YES, Thierry’s music on Slow Motion is more geared to the fans of music of modern day electronica artists like Steve Roach and Eno. Thierry has come a long way since he released Tales Of Sand back in 1992, yet clearly, coming from Thierry David’s fertile musical imagination, the sound of Slow Motion is filled with somber, reflective electronic synths that will fill your mind with moments of peace and relaxation. Despite the untimely implosion of Real Music a few short years back, Slow Motion is decked out in fantastic looking 6-panel CD artwork that also features images of his 15 prior releases. With its 2021 release on both CD and digital platforms, Slow Motion is a must for listeners of contemporary electronic music.