Album Review of
I'll Keep it Country

Written by Joe Ross
July 22, 2021 - 2:20am EDT
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A talented new country singer, Cory Keefe has emerged with his debut album, I’ll Keep it Country, as bona fide triple threat with stylish vocals, a fresh sounding radio-friendly repertoire, and straightforward production focused on honky tonk tales and barroom ballads.  Keefe’s musical focus has a direct neo-traditionalist approach that emphasizes preparation and arrangement. With the able production assistance of Buddy Hyatt and a cast of consummate session players, Keefe strikes gold with numbers like “Deeper Well,” “Damn Straight”and “She Calls Me Cowboy” that quickly have you singing along on the choruses. “Where There’s a Beer, There’s a Way” is classic boot-scootin’ fare. Lorrie Morgan guests in a duet on “I Just Want You,” and Cory’s brother Dustin sings along on “Brotherly Love.” It was nice to hear the album close with an up-tempo “Going Home,” and my only minor issue with the album is the graphic layout that put dark blue text on a black background making it difficult to read. All in all, Cory sings sensitive songs with plainspoken lyrics and a warm-hearted delivery. I’ll Keep it Country is sublime sawdust-joint music from beginning to end.  (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)