Album Review of
Musical Healthcare

Written by Robert Silverstein
August 19, 2021 - 4:24pm EDT
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One of the many highlights of writing about the wide variety of albums released on Real Music over the years was reviewing the music of California-based New Age electronic composer Chuck Wild. A keyboard icon from the heyday of early 1980s pop scene, and as an early member of the celebrated synth-rock band Missing Persons, Chuck Wild is perhaps most highly regarded for the 17 albums he has released under his musical moniker known as Liquid Mind. After releasing dozens of acclaimed CDs of New Age and meditation albums, Real Music changed owners a few years ago and is now leaning towards the current trend of digitization of music on the internet, having all but stopped releasing music on compact disc. Yet, lo and behold during the mid-Summer 2021, Chuck Wild did in fact release a CD of his music on the Real Music / Myndstream imprint. True to form, the 2021 CD release of Musical Healthcare compiles 70+ minutes of album tracks taken from 6 different Liquid Mind albums Chuck released over the years on the original Real Music label, topped off by a new 12-minute track entitled “Healing Hands”. Featuring a range of New Age electronic instrumental sounds, Musical Healthcare is very much in keeping with Chuck’s original Liquid Mind output. In the CD booklet for Musical Healthcare you can see 12 different Liquid Mind album covers that chronicle the various CDs. With its blood pressure lowering atmospherics, and attention to therapeutic meditation music, Musical Healthcare makes a fitting best-of collection of Chuck Wild’s Real Music releases. Chuck’s liner notes dated July 9, 2021, featured in the CD packaging, gives a brief but informative insight into the style of music Liquid Mind released between 2004 and 2017 and there’s also some additional liner notes by Terence Yallop, the founding force behind the original Real Music label. Speaking about the Musical Healthcare compilation album, Chuck says, “My gratitude to co-producer Jon Marozik, singers A.j. Teshin, Seven Whitfield & Jimmy Demers and Glen Wexler for the beautiful album art. "Musical Healthcare" is dedicated to the memory of my late mentor and dear friend, Bruce Swedien. It's hard to believe I began this journey 33 years ago to heal my own anxiety, and I'm grateful to be able to continue producing this music at age 74. Thanks so much for your support of Liquid Mind! Special thanks to Real Music/Myndstream my longtime label for their support.” Composed, performed, produced, recorded and mixed by Chuck Wild, with additional assistance by Jonathan Marozik, Musical Healthcare is a most reflective musical experience from one of America’s most original New Age composers.