Album Review of
Good Days a Comin

Written by Joe Ross
August 30, 2021 - 12:31pm EDT
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Released a few years ago, I recently put this album back on my CD player to boost my spirits during the pandemic. With a very nice mix of covers and originals, guitarist/singer Ivas John plays a little of everything from bouncy country swing to smooth bluegrass, bluesy folk to heartbreaking country tearjerkers. He demonstrates proficiency in both flatpicking and fingerpicking, and he vocalizes with a sturdy voice. While a little additional vocal harmony might've been nice on the album, he's got several masterful instrumentalists (like Tim Crouch, Robert Bowlin, Gary Gordon and others) assisting. Songs like "Goin' Back to Arkansas," "Can't Help it Wonder Where I'm Bound," "Things Ain't Been the Same" and "Wong Road Again" are very timely again right now. I enjoyed the eclectic nature of John's repertoire and presentation, and his arrangements range from solo guitar ("Sunday Morning Blues") to some that feature full ensembles with fiddle, mandolin, Dobro, bass and drums. I sense that John approaches his music as good, clean fun, and he simply likes to use it as a vehicle to bring pleasure to others. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)