Album Review of
Songs For William

Label: Silverton

Genres: Rock

Styles: Pop Rock

Written by Robert Silverstein
July 3, 2022 - 3:42pm EDT
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A must for fans of Jeff Lynne, Traveling Wilburys, Brian Wilson and any of the post-Beatles pop tunesmiths of rock legend, the second Agony Street album Songs For William was recorded in 1993 yet never released until 2021. Never before released, yet reissued 30 years later, here it is on CD and download. The second Agony Street, Songs For William is a perfect example from the now late great Swedish pop-rock genius Klas Qvist, here doing his best impression of Beatles-era sounds at its finest. Featuring Klas writing and playing most of the instruments and harmonizing together with his Agony Street co-founder / vocalist / producer Gudmundur Bragason,  Songs For William features one huge pop song after the next and is a must for both pop-rock fans and fans of the music written and recorded by Klas on his 2004 solo work, Carried Away and his 3 Citizen K albums. Two tracks recorded in 2019 were added as tracks 16 & 17, supplanting the original 15-track 1993 album.

The archival CD of Songs For William is actually the first release of the band’s label Silverton Records. The fact that no Agony Street albums were actually released when they were recorded, yet were stored for posterity, is emphasized by the musical genius that fills these two reissue treasures. As fascinating as Songs For William,  119 Agony Street (so far only on download) will hopefully come out on CD. Klas Qvist and Gudmundur Bragason made a great team and the sheer exuberance of the first their two Agony Street albums makes for a sonic pop revelation. These albums were in fact a training ground for the future Klas Qvist, and they also offer a great look at the duo’s group partnership and  shared musical perfectionism. Adding in the backing are some of Sweden’s finest session players. Speaking to the press in 2021, Klas Qvist  sounded quite excited about Songs For William and the imminent release of the as of yet still untitled third Agony Street album, which was nearly finished at the time of his tragic sudden death on July 5, 2021. The final album will be finally released in the Fall of 2022.