Album Review of
Burnin' & Churnin'

Written by Robert Silverstein
July 18, 2022 - 3:40pm EDT
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For a more up-to-date look at Mike Vernon’s surf-rock guitar career check out his 2022 studio album with his band 3 Balls Of Fire. Burnin’ & Churnin’  is another hard-hitting, eight-cut instrumental album released on the Two Faces Music label. Similar in scope to his other band M-Squad, Burnin’ & Churnin’ features seven new Mike Vernon originals capped off by a CD-closing cover of the Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac 1968 hit “Albatross”. With M-Squad alumni Nelson Bragg and Ted Hamer also appearing, along with other musicians including Steady Freddie Krc (percussion) and others, Burnin’ & Churnin’  is well worth the time to check out and listen to. Recorded in L.A. and Austin, Texas, and produced by drummer / producer Nico Leophonte, Burnin’ & Churnin’  takes the early 2020’s instrumental rock sound to a much higher ground.

Yet another 2022 album by Mike Vernon on Two Faces Music is 3 Balls Of Fire – Live! The 15-track CD is also of historical importance in that it features Mike Vernon and band playing live in the early 2000’s in the company of late great guitar heroes Nokie Edwards, George Tomsco and Jerry Cole, although George Tomsco is still alive. Surf-rock purists and fans of Vernon’s legacy as one of the leading guitar statesmen of American music will need to hear each of these albums.