Album Review of
Homestead Volume Six

Written by Robert Silverstein
August 12, 2022 - 4:51pm EDT
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New Jersey based Bongo Boy Records are well known for their cool and eclectic CD samplers. No matter what genre of music it is, Bongo Boy always manages to pack in a wide range of the best artists of each genre. The label’s “Homestead” series is up to date with the 2022 release of Homestead Volume Six. Bongo Boy’s Homestead series samples some of the best country-rock sounds being made anywhere these days. The 15-track, 51 minute Homestead Volume Six features a stunning range of impressive modern day country music performed by a dozen different artists.

Starting off with Tony Barrow’s track “Good Luck”, the album moves on to another featured artist here called Clark Ford, a California songwriter living in Iowa. Another Clark Ford track here called “A Hangry Man” features a fine singer called Underground Treehouse. Either way, it’s a fine and dandy modern day country song. Also on the album is Bongo Boy Records roots-rocker Gar Francis with a rocking country-rock track called  “Too Far Gone”.

Dedicated to the late Kate Magdalena, one of the artists featured with three tracks here, Homestead Volume Six features a mix of male and female singer-songwriters. There’s even a very cool rootsy sounding guitar instrumental, sandwiched into the vocal mix, called “Emerald Wind”, written and recorded by the renowned guitarist / composer Charles Brown that offers proof that instrumental music can fit into almost any genre of music. Whether your definition of country is Americana, Country Rock, Country Pop and/or Folk, Homestead Volume Six has it all covered. Bongo Boy's Homestead Volume Six is solid choice for modern-day country-rock fans.