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Written by Robert Silverstein
August 31, 2022 - 4:38pm EDT
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Over the past 5 years, a pair of recent solo albums from South Florida-based piano wizard Dan Chadburn—Love Themes For Solo Piano (2019) and Held In The Light (2017)—were critically-acclaimed masterpieces of superb, instrumental solo piano. Dan’s long-awaited 2022 return to the recording world, Always, is his ninth solo album and, from start to finish there’s much to discover here. Although Dan’s music is often called introspective, it is, although from a relaxed vantage point that offers listeners feelings of deep reflection and expectation for a brighter future through the magic of music.

Speaking about the inferences behind the music on Always, Dan explains, “In recording Always, I wanted to create a collection of pieces for solo piano that celebrates the unfailing resilience of the human spirit, the steadfast courage of the human heart, the eternal existence and mystery of the human soul, and the remarkable, spiritual synchronicity of them all”. Highlights of Always are plentiful, including the album’s leadoff title track. Dan’s gift for blending melodic piano concepts with his improvisational ideas comes into focus on Always.

Comparable in artistry to 2017’s Held In The Light, Always offers a dozen new Chadburn performances, all originals, the sole exception being Dan’s cover of the time-honored classic “O Shenandoah”, a traditional American folk song that actually dates back to the mid 1800’s. On Always, Dan updates “O Shenandoah” and makes it his own with his authentic stamp of piano-esque genius.

The Always recording sessions took place April 11 – 13, 2022 with recording engineer Joe Bongiorno at Piano Haven Studio in Sedona, Arizona. Co-produced by Dan Chadburn and his partner and fellow artist Tom Nichols, Always features a colorful front cover featuring rainbow light artwork designed by Dan himself.