Album Review of
Abiola Time

Written by Joe Ross
October 1, 2022 - 12:01pm EDT
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Right from its outset, opening with a burst of world music delight on “Kilofe,” singer Abiola establishes an alluring sound of contemporary musical radiance. Presenting moods, messages, songs and evocations from around the world, Abiola draws inspiration ranging from Caribbean street festivals and steel drums (“Para Ti, Para Mi”) to synth-disco pulsed rhythms (“Naked Talk”).  With vocals that are consistently bold, bright and earthy, Abiola imparts extra soul to the poppish “Can’t Wait” and “What We’ll Be.” There are rollicking electronics on “Free,” multi-tracked voices on the Afro-centric “Werey Style” and an enchanting reggae flavor of “Give Me.” 

“Ko Le To” is a mellower, sensuous track receiving considerable airplay around the world as Abiola declares, “Gotta wait boy, for my time, for my vibe, for my love, It go sweet for us.”  It’s easy to see how this album obtained a #4 spot on The Roots Music Report's Top 50 World Album Chart in August 2022.  A CD booklet includes all lyrics, and they indicate that Abiola is able to spin good stories with happy, uplifting, danceable grooves. While its mix is a bit cluttered, the fun closer, “Feel This Good” encourages us to “hold ya head up, never let up” and “get on your feet, make a joyful sound.” You won’t need a doctor or astrologer if you rely on Abiola’s music for an uplifting remedy. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)