Album Review of
Strange Shores

Written by Robert Silverstein
October 6, 2022 - 4:31pm EDT
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The Breakers, a Surf / Psychedelic / Garage / Punk combo from the Chicago area, are back on the scene with Strange Shores: Old Singles & New Hits. There’s no shortage of fun times on Strange Shores. Released following 2021’s Torch Light, Strange Shores is a must hear CD that collects orphan cuts, several new songs, remixes, singles and compilation tracks. The 2022 core lineup of The Breakers features lead guitarist Jim Abrahams, Marc Lockett (drums, percussion) and Jayson Slater (bass guitar). Torch Light was a masterful album of rock solid instrumentals and likewise, Strange Shores is equally brilliant. A few songs incorporate some of the band’s musical buddies, particularly Dan Klapman and Gary Kretchmer on horns. Listeners that followed the band’s previous albums including Torch Light, A Date With Destiny and 2020’s Voodoo Treatment will dig Strange Shores, even as the album moves beyond the tried and true surf-rock sound.

Highlights are limitless, especially the title track “Strange Shores” with its eerie shroud of tremolo guitar sounds that morphs into a neoclassical melody line that then reverts back to the intro theme. The CD-opener “Crystal Pistol” features a strong hit and run melody, while for purists “Rotation”, inspired by surf legends like The Pyramids and The Astronauts, sets the scene perfectly. A Breakers cover of Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells” moves in unexpected directions before backing into the prog-friendly vision of the original. “Point Conception” blasts out of your speakers with ferocity while “Icicle Park”, with its sonic transcendence, borders on psychedelic surf for the 2020’s. Strange Shores features eye-popping CD cover art that adds luster to this most impressive album release. With something old, something new, something borrowed and something, well strange… Strange Shores is clearly essential listening for surf-rock fans young and old.