Album Review of
Little Kahuna

Written by Robert Silverstein
October 9, 2022 - 5:59pm EDT
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California-based Little Kahuna are highly regarded among the most recent batch of Surf-Rock bands. The group’s self-titled 2022 CD features a dozen classy instrumentals that wouldn’t feel out of place back in the 1960s despite being made in 2022. Lead guitarist and the band’s main composer Craig Skelly receives fine backup from his band mates including second guitarist Paul Wayne. The CD features a number of musicians.

To cap things off, Little Kahuna uses a range of vintage guitars and other gear to give the music that authentic West Coast surf-rock sound. Highlights are plentiful including “Warm Sand” with its vintage feel it sounds like a long lost track from John Blakeley’s band The Sandals, famous for their Endless Summer soundtrack. The band’s theme song and title track “Little Kahuna” is a fun little romp that kicks up some serious sand. Some tracks rock a little harder, for example “Bond Girl”, while the CD closes out with “DD”, essentially a totally rocking tribute to the late great Dick Dale.

According to Craig Skelly, the music here was created during the Covid lockdown and after sending the music to his friends and family, the tracks were finally recorded with the results being the first Little Kahuna album. The LP was released on yellow vinyl but there is a CD available as well. While still falling into the surf-rock genre, Little Kahuna has a relaxed nature to it making it the perfect album to sit back and watch the waves roll in on your favorite beach.