Album Review of
Fränder II

Written by Joe Ross
February 13, 2024 - 10:49am EST
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Influenced by the traditional music of Sweden and Estonia, Fränder is a youthful folk quintet with a contemporary and personalized folk rock sound that is building them a legion of worldwide fans. After forming in 2015, Fränder released their debut album, Fränder I, a couple years later, embarked on a successful world tour, and organized a music festival in Sweden. The last eight years have been spent further shaping and developing their sound.

Band members include Säde Tatar (flute, bagpipes, jaw harps), Natasja Dluzewska (vocals, fiddle), Gabbi Dluzewski (Swedish låtmandola, percussion, vocals), Daniel Dluzewski (bass, vocals). On their second album, Fränder’s “newer, heavier than ever, sound” also features Björn Tollin (percussion), Andreas Berglund (additional percussion), and Valter Kinbom (aludu on “Tid att komma hem” … Time to Come Home; darbuka on “En sommarkväll” … One Summer’s Evening).

The musicianship, originality, instrumentation and arrangements make for some captivating music with both ancient tones with futuristic qualities on Fränder II. “Õhtu õrna” (Silent Night) has an enchanting character while “Svarta sparvens sorg” (The Sorrow of the Black Sparrow) offers both melodramatic and balladic elements.

Poised to take their own place among the iconic acts of Scandinavian folk rock, Fränder’s charged-up repertoire masterfully infuses impressively virtuosic acoustic instrumentation with spirited vocals, formidable rhythms. It’s a mesmerizing combination with genre influences stemming from rock, folk, jazz and classical music. For a quick perspective of their remarkably powerful dynamics, que up their tastefully rendered medley (at tracks 8 & 9) of “Kom till mig” (Come to Me) and “Jag väntar” (I’m Waiting).  Fränder’s innovative vision, solid musical background and familial bond will take them far. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)