Album Review of
Acceding To The Apocalypse

Written by Robert Silverstein
February 14, 2024 - 3:48pm EST
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Acceding To The Apocalypse is the 23rd Official Album from Long Island’s MOTU. It is an ambitious theme album with the 4-piece band featuring Dr. Richard Michelson (MOTU), Dee Michelson, Ed Modzel, and Rich Fry. The theme of the album is mankind’s propensity for self-destruction which is explored with 10 new MOTU original songs that pack an energetic punch in the genres of American-Roots, Blues, Rock, and Folk with multiple vocal harmonies.

The album begins with “The Cost” which discusses global warming, poverty, pollution, racism, gun violence, and income inequity while asking, “What is the cost? How much have we lost?” MOTU’s lead vocal and pedal steel guitar are beautifully backed with acoustic instruments along with the Beatles-style harmonies of Dee Michelson and Rich Fry. Ed Modzel provides a soft percussion background reminiscent of Ginger Baker in Blind Faith.

Immediately following is “Love Is All We Need”, which is the ‘resolution’ to the ‘conflict’, and it’s a hard-hitting grunge rock song with the heavy back and forth lead guitars of MOTU and Rich Fry. Dee’s lovely lead vocals present an awesome contrast to MOTU’s John McLaughlin/Jimi Hendrix style fat guitar leads. The song’s hard jams are well done with a Neil Young / Crazy Horse feel.

Song three, “Too Much”, is an obvious statement of everything that is going on in our world today. It has great lead guitar work of both MOTU and Fry along with catchy harmonies. High energy rock.

The next song, “When Your Smile Has Left The Room”, is probably the prettiest song of the album with beautiful harmonies and guitar work in a soft rock Fleetwood Mac style. The pretty feel of the song disguises the lyric’s truth that mankind is self-destructive even in relationships. The song is from the perspective of the one who destroyed the relationship and who now is the one who won’t accept that it is over. A great song that surely many can relate to. Song number five, “A Test Of Our Love”, continues this message in a Tom Petty type feel with some nice off beat percussion and catchy guitar leads.

Song six, “You’re Just A Pile Of Crap, starts like a delta slide blues tune and moves into a Chicago blues style. MOTU’s slide guitar and harmonica work is noteworthy. In keeping with the album’s theme, this song needs no explanation.

Song number seven, “I’m Looking For Answers”, will stick in your head. This one is a hidden gem. Dee’s Anne Wilson style powerful vocals sing about gun violence and politics backed by MOTU on the chorus. A jam-band style tune with Chris Squire sounding bass playing. A great final verse:

There’s a liar who wants to be king

Promising fools everything

In love with his own reflection

An empty soulless infection

The next two songs, “I Can’t Be Denied” and “Acceding To The Apocalypse”, twist into yet other genres with both blues and Joe Satriani style fusion guitar keeping the listener on their toes. Finally, song ten, “History Repeats Itself”, wraps it all up with just MOTU on vocals backing himself up with only an electric and acoustic guitar. This haunting song makes reference to the failed coup of Hitler in 1923 for which he was arrested. Despite his arrest, he later did successfully rise to be the autocratic leader of Germany. An interesting comparison.

MOTU’s 23rd album, Acceding To The Apocalypse, is an enjoyable throw-back to a time when artists wrote songs of social relevance taking a stand for change to benefit society. The music and vocal performances on this album are well written, well executed, and a real pleasure to listen to. However, beneath the surface of these well executed performances are the serious subjects of climate change, racism, political chaos, homelessness, gun violence, income inequality, and even self-destruction in relationships. This is a mature artistic album highly recommended for everyone.

World-Wide Release date: March 29, 2024 / Available Everywhere.