Album Review of
Yeah Buddy

Written by Joe Ross
March 24, 2015 - 12:00am EDT
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The Tallboys are old-time pickers whose lively and infectious numbers will put vitality into your skip. They play supple and soulful old-time dance music. This is their third album. Find them busking for hours in Seattle's Pike Place Street Market or performing at many of the regional folk festivals in the west.

This CD has sixteen traditional tunes except "Ida Mae" penned by Charlie Beck. It appears that they like John Hartford and probably picked up "Squirrel Hunter" and "Wild Hog in the Red Brush" from Hartford's Rounder album of that same name. All songs on the 45-minute CD include: Cumberland Gap, Chilly Winds, Martha Campbell, Henry Lee, Walk Along John To Kansas, Wild Hog In the Woods, Mississippi Sawyer, Ida Mae, Road To Maysville, Quit Kickin' My Dog, Squirrel Hunter, Rainbow Sign, Wildhog in the Redbrush, Sally Ann, Say Darlin' Say, White River 

The Tallboys are a traditional 5-piece string band lineup. Joe Fulton's fiddle and Charlie Beck's frailing banjo drive the band, and Paul McGowan's mandolin, Rob Adesso's guitar, and John Hurd's bass fall right into the rootsy groove.

Of special note are their expressive vocal harmonies in the 3/4-time "Henry Lee." Nice personalized versions of such warhorses "Cumberland Gap" and "Mississippi Sawyer" and "Sally Ann." The crowning moment is "Squirrel Hunter" that radiates the raw energy and saucy attitude of youth.

I hope their new albums inlcude liner notes, lyrics, photos, vocal credits and more. This album has an affable set of traditional tunes that will elevate The Tallboys to new heights. I enjoyed their snappy and sturdy old-time music. (Joe Ross)