Album Review of
Two Wolves

Written by Joe Ross
June 6, 2015 - 12:00am EDT
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John Flynn is a self-professed introspective contemporary folksinger and activist whose songs come "from the heart." A little knwo fact is that John earned a 1980 degree from Temple University in political science. Potent messages and efficacious imagery are presented in his ten self-penned songs. "There's No Them There," embellished with nicely-tailored harmonies, calls for a "a brand new way of seeing, a brand new way of freeing our fellow human beings by simply being kind." "No More War" declares "Violence has left its stain, Its drug is in our veins, It screams slay or be slain, It is a liar." A song for the fallen, "Dover" asks the big airplane to bring 'em down easy out of the Delaware sky. Only 12-years-old, "Azizullah" is the sad tale of another casualty of war. Guitar, cello and oboe complement the reflective "Blink" with Flynn's observation "We blink and somehow time just flies." Kathy Mattea harmonizes on "My Father's Chapel," a call for understanding with "My father's chapel has many benches, Pews where the stranger may rest his feet." A radiant song of love remembered is "Sunflower" that exclaims "I would not trade the sunflower I held for a whole garden of flowers." Covers come from Phil Ochs ("Pleasures of the Harbor") and Kris Kristofferson ("Hall of Angels").

 "Two Wolves" has some impressive talent with Kris Kristofferson, Kathy Mattea, and splendid instrumentalists like guitarists Duke Levine (Mary Chapin Carpenter, Bill Morrissey) and Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Dar Williams), drummer Denny McDermott (Roseanne Cash, Donald Fagen), and singer Jane Kelly Williams. Producer Ben Wisch (Marc Cohn, Patty Larkin) has had a long and successful association with John Flynn. Of special note is Flynn's harmonica that provides some sweet conversational fill on teh 50-minute project. Flynn is an affable troubadour with strong messages that encourage peace, fairness, compassion, tolerance and optimism. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)