Album Review of
When She's Gone

Label: Nola Blue

Genres: Blues

Styles: Soul Blues, Contemporary Blues, Classic Blues, Blues

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Written by Angela Miakoda
March 3, 2016 - 12:00am EST
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Benny Turner is certainly not a new comer to playing blues music. Having grown up in a musical family Benny preferred to hang back and play bass in a supporting role. He played with his brother Freddie King until his passing in 1976. Then with Marva Wright until her passing in 2010. Since then Benny has moved up to the front of the stage and is playing what he calls “Real Blues”.

With the release of When She’s Gone Benny revisits six songs that had been previously never released and were only available on his (sold only from the bandstand) album Blue and Not So Blue. On this album Benny is joined by Dr. John, Bob Margolin, Marva Wright and Charles Brown.

Standouts include “Because of You” , “So Deep” and “Black Night”.