Album Review of
Year of the Rabbit

Written by Mark Gallo
May 24, 2017 - 12:00am EDT
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Allison Pierce is an exceptionally talented singer songwriter who reminds at times of her fellow Alabamian Emmylou Harris, although she is clearly her own woman. She and her sister Catherine were the Pierces, a popular duo some years back. This debut recording is a stunner. Her gorgeous vocals is matched by her brilliant songwriting. Produced by Ethan Johns, who served in that capacity for Paul McCartney, he adds drums to the program. Gabe Wicher plays fiddle on a couple pieces and the highly regarded Greg Leisz plays steel guitar on one number. Otherwise, this is classic singer-songwriter – and that singer-songwriter has one of the best debuts of this young year. Evidence is the first single of the set, although the opener, Fool Him, is a fully captivating tune that needs to be rolled out as the next single. To the Grave, written with her sister, Sea of Love, A Kiss Before You Go and Drink One For You are standouts, although there is nothing close to a weak song.  A highly infections disc, this is the first step in what will surely be a highly successful career.