Album Review of
Quiet Money

Label: Sweetspot

Genres: Blues

Styles: Contemporary Blues, Blues Rock, Blues, Jazzy Blues

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Written by Duane Verh
August 27, 2017 - 12:00am EDT
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Those partial to Al Basile’s tasty cornet play and street-smart, wordly-wise lyrical sense will find nothing to displease them on his latest offering.  Those pleasing throwback licks are again present, punctuating spot-on commentary on the present-day music biz- “Blues Got Blues”, the Mose Allison like wordplay of “Simple Ain’t Simple”, the introspective wisdom of “Wrong To Be Right” and the gut-punching verses of the title track.  Of particular note is an underplayed, heart-searing soul ballad, “Line By Line”.  Producer/guitarist Duke Robillard and familiar cohorts provide predictably solid, horn-heavy backup.