Album Review of
Ramble on Privilege Creek

Label: Thirty Tigers

Genres: Country, Rock

Styles: Country, Americana Country, Roots Rock

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Written by Robert Bartosh
April 16, 2014 - 12:00am EDT
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The Statesboro Revue band is much cooler than cool.  This band has a country & roots rock sound and attitude in their music that many bands before them have strived to achieve.  Well these musicians have nailed it with their latest album release “Ramble On Privilege Creek”.   This is one of those CD’s you cannot stop listening to.  It will make you want to dance, cry, sing and at times will bring a smile to your face.  This is what great songs are supposed to do for people.  They reach down into the listener’s soul and tear at heartstrings and emotions hidden deep within.   In addition to the music CD, their latest video from one of the tracks on this CD “Huck Finn” is fist-class and a joy to view.  

The “Ramble On Privilege Creek” album is a significant contribution to the roots rock and country music worlds.