Album Review of
El Matador

Written by Joe Ross
July 10, 2018 - 12:00am EDT
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Invigorating and soulful jazz, with Latin and Afro-Caribbean influences, marks the new release, “El Matador” from Tribu (Spanish for “Tribe”).  Tribu is a cohesive ensemble that lays down bright swinging rhythms while the improvising instrumentalists ride playfully above the solid rhythmic foundation.  Marcus Lopez (bass), Carlos Caro (percussion), Mario Salomon (drums) and Jesus Gonzalez (percussion) are responsible for the tasty grooves, while Ruben Salcido (saxophone, flute), Dave Casini (vibes, percussion) and Steve McQuarry (piano, organ, bandleader) shine in their melodic solos. Ten tracks are original contemporary compositions from Salcido or Casini.  Salcido’s evocative title track opens the project in up-tempo fashion, while smooth numbers like “Me Quendo Con Ti” are more relaxed. Casini’s creative pieces like “Blue Two, “WW” and “Nite Work” are spirited and quite danceable.  McQuarry and Lopez also each contribute self-penned numbers, “Joya” and “Afroniki.” Tribu is a dynamite band, and “El Matador” is a vibrant expression of their art. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)