Album Review of
New Latin American Music for Guitar and String Quartet

Written by Joe Ross
January 8, 2019 - 12:00am EST
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Featuring “79 minutes of music without boundaries,” this album offers a flavorful mix of jazz, Latin and chamber music written by Latin American masters Astor Piazzolla, Eduardo Angulo, Elbio Barilari and Leo Brouwer. Masterful guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque is steeped in tradition, yet his contemporary explorations transcend boundaries into innovative arrangements and techniques. He has traveled widely and was voted the 2009 “Best World Guitarist” in a Guitar Player Magazine’s readers’ poll. Based in Chicago, the KAIA String Quartet includes Victoria Moreira & Naomi Culp (violin), Sixto Franco Chorda (viola) and Hope Shepherd DeCelle (cello). They’re devoted to capturing the essence of Latin American culture through the medium of the string quartet. KAIA recently completed their residency with WFMT Chicago’s classical and arts radio station where they performed, curated, and exposed audiences to new ways of thinking about Latin American music. This album has considerable personality brought about by its joyful, playful spirit, emotional impact and virtuosity. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)