Album Review of
Big Deal

Label: Self-Release

Genres: Country, Unknown

Styles: Western Swing, Country, Unknown

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Written by Joe Ross
January 17, 2019 - 12:00am EST
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From Canada, The Western Swing Authority is back with their fifth album called “Big Deal,” and they serve up healthy portions of western and jazz influences to satisfy even the biggest appetite. The seven band members feature vocals, twin fiddles, guitar, steel guitar, bass and drums. For this project, every cut  also offers one or more special guests. We hear Jane Monheit (“Mississippi”), Ray Benson (“Dance With Who Brung Ya”), Jason McCoy (“ExtraOrdinary”), Carolyn Martin (“In The Middle of the Song”), George Canyon (“Big Ball’s In Cowtown”), Buddy Spicher (”Big Deal”), Russell DeCarle (“After The Leavin’”), Bruce Bouton, Danny Michel, Rob Carli, Jason Blaine, Paul Weber, Harold MacIntyre and Johnny Burke.

Western Swing Authority’s approach taps classic western swing standards (such as “My Window Faces the South”), as well as newer material (“Dance With Who Brunch Ya” and “Swingin' from the Rafters”). The album closes with a song that shows they can also adeptly play country (“This Old Bar”). It would’ve been fun to hear them also cover some old jazz or western tunes. The instrumental chops in these uplifting nicely-arranged tunes make for an enjoyable listen. The WSA’s jazzy twang provides a copious amount of toe-tapping fun. Western Swing Authority’s music is for dancing so roll up the rug, throw some cornmeal on the floor, invite the neighbors over and throw a party. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)