Album Review of
Bulldozer: The Ballad Of Robert Moses

Label: Broadway

Genres: Pop

Styles: Adult Contemporary

Written by Robert Silverstein
May 6, 2019 - 5:58pm EDT
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Back in 2017, just after the release of This Burning Sun, NYC-based singer-songwriter and recording artist, Peter Galperin was speaking to the press about his proposed rock opera depicting the heyday of NYC master builder Robert Moses and now in early 2019, Bulldozer, the CD is a reality. Although the Off-Broadway production received rave reviews in 2018, this theatrical soundtrack album release sets the record straight and also allows those who couldn't make a trip to the Big Apple a chance to witness and marvel at Peter’s rollicking and totally mesmerizing musical tale about Robert Moses. Most of the great highways, parks, tunnels and bridges in NYC had something to do with Moses and, retracing Moses' life, Bulldozer spotlights key aspects of his historic career from the 1930s till the early 1960s. For his much anticipated musical, Peter has created a new kind of 21st century rock opera that will thrill music fans of legendary theatrical masterworks like Tommy and Jesus Christ Superstar. Reinvigorating the story of Robert Moses as a visionary master builder and a ruthless, politically well-connected power broker who was instrumental in transforming NYC into the modern center of the western world, the 25-track CD release of Bulldozer: The Ballad Of Robert Moses is sure to be one of the most acclaimed theatrical soundtrack albums of our time. Featuring a solid crew of singing actors and actresses, Bulldozer is a splendid showcase for Constantine Maroulis, appearing in both the Off-Broadway production and soundtrack as Robert Moses. Speaking about Bulldozer, Peter Galperin explains, “This original cast recording was the final piece of the Off-Broadway theatrical production of Bulldozer. Even though the recording sessions didn’t take place until six months after the show had closed, the music was still fairly fresh in everyone’s head so it only took a day or two of rehearsals to get back up to speed. In the studio we tried to be faithful to the actual staged show, and even included some of the off-stage voiceovers and sound effects so that a CD listener who hasn’t seen the show can still get a good mental picture of the action taking place on stage.” An Off-Broadway success story that wowed fans of the Big Apple and New York by reintroducing the man behind an essential era of 20th century American history, Bulldozer: The Ballad Of Robert Moses makes for a most impressive recording indeed.