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Written by Robert Silverstein
May 14, 2019 - 2:11pm EDT
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For their third duo album together Jeff Johnson and Phil Keaggy return with Cappadocia. Although a sonic tribute to a haven in Turkey for Christians fleeing persecution, the all-instrumental Cappadocia is truly a masterpiece of modern day New Age and Celtic flavored contemporary instrumental sounds. Haunting melodic themes are fleshed out and brought to life via Jeff’s magisterial synth keyboards and Phil’s one-of-a-kind electric and acoustic guitar sound. Both musicians add in tasteful percussion backing and occasional vocals. Fans of both of these world-class musicians that were blessed enough to hear their earlier albums—Frio Suite (2009) and Watersky (2012) —will be amazed at the wealth of musical concepts on Cappadocia. Although New Age and neoclassical in scope, the entire Cappadocia album also presents itself as a kind of modern day symphonic-sounding progressive rock masterpiece—albeit one that lulls you in with a very stately rock sound, complete with unforgettable, atmospheric musical vibes. Clearly one of the most influential and anticipated album releases of late 2018 and early 2019, Cappadocia is essential listening and an album not to be missed among fans of Jeff Johnson and Phil Keaggy.